Question #1: 

Will God forgive us for suicide?


Yes, but only if we are Christians before the suicide.

Question #2: 

Can we be forgiven for a sin if we ask before we commit the sin?



Question #3: 

Do you think we can go to Heaven if we take our own life?


Yes, but only if we were Christians.

These are valid questions, especially in this age when suicide is on the rise. First, we must bear in mind that suicide is simply self-inflicted murder, usually premeditated. Believers can commit murder. Moses and King David illustrate that (Exo. 2:11- 13, 2 Sam. 11:14-27). Christians can commit any sin of which the heart is capable.

A person is saved by the grace of God when they repent, believe and submit to the Lordship of Christ. These acts are generated solely by the will of God and not by man's own efforts (Eph. 2:8-9). Before the earth was even formed God determined who would be redeemed and who would be left in their lost condition. Man cannot change God's sovereign choice. Every Christian was steeped in sin when God saved them (Rom. 5:8) and the committing of any sin after salvation cannot remove the Holy Spirit's seal on our souls.

One's eternal life depends on God's grace and Christ's redemptive work, not a person's last act before death. Suicide is not an unpardonable sin. There is no question that if a Christian would commit suicide that they would go to Heaven. In fact, when the moment of death comes they are carried into the presence of God and He will not even mention any of their sins! (Luke 16:22, Hebrews 8:12).

Asking for forgiveness prior to a sin is a separate sin in itself, for it is "treading underfeet the very Blood of Jesus." God sets a person free from the bondage of sin when they are saved and they therefore do not have to sin. The unbeliever is still a slave to sin and cannot keep from sinning.  Of course, if the person is truly a Christian, then asking for forgiveness before the suicide will have no effect on their eternal destiny, for they are still a child of God and will go non-stop to Heaven upon death.

God the Father loved us so much that He gave His Precious Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. He does not simply give us salvation and then leave us alone to despair, rather He sends His sweet Holy Spirit to guide and protect us. All we need to do is to respond to His leading. A Christian must read God's Word regularly, pray daily and fellowship with other Believers, even if we "don't feel like it" for God uses His Word, our prayers and other Christians to shape us into His likeness.

In closing, I submit that no one, not a Christian or an unbeliever can determine their moment of death. We have as much control over the moment of our death as we had over the time of our birth--none!! God reminds us that, "He determined the times set for them [man's birth and death]" (Acts 17:26). If a person tries to kill himself and it is not God's chosen moment then that person will not succeed. However, their remaining quality of life may be diminished because of the injuries inflicted.

Satan is the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44). He wants to convince Christians that they have failed so miserably in their Christian life that there is no hope left, and they should end it all. He is trying to disgrace the Name of Jesus and remove another potential Christian witness from the world. But God chose the elect and made them His children and counts each one precious. No matter how a Christian dies God declares, "Precious in His sight is the death of His saints" (Psalm 116:15).

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