I just wanted to ask you in your opinion, how comprehensive was your experience at Talbot Seminary in terms of preparing you to deal with a diligent exposition of Scripture? Practically speaking, in terms of Christ-honoring usefulness on a scale of 1-10, one being best and ten worst how would you rate the effectiveness of your training in the New Testament? Old Testament? Overall? I greatly appreciate your input in my search to find a place to become further equipped to serve Jesus Christ our Lord. 


About Talbot. I was there from Aug '79 to May '83. I attended classes on the main campus for the first three years, and then went to the extension campus at Grace Community Church (John MacArthur's) for the last year. The reason I did this was to have more influence of MacArthur and his staff. 

While at Talbot I was aware of a shift in two areas, one was holiness and the other was in doctrine. I noted that there was a lack of discipline: enforcing the school policies from everything from dress codes to chapel attendance. Now, I am not a legalist, but these men are preparing for the ministry and need to have discipline in all areas of their lives. And it was not uncommon for many to skip the required chapel hour to study for tests or to just drink coffee. Secondly, there was many debates over doctrines, and often times the professor would end it without giving the clear Biblical stand, allowing for a variety of interpretations. I believe each passage of Scripture has one and only one true interpretation, but many applications. Fortunately, in the area of Bible Exposition and Hermeneutics they were very much right on. I transferred to the Grace Campus because there was a unity of Spirit there and very little debate, and always a clear determination of the meaning of the text.

A few years after I graduated, Master's Seminary (President: John MacArthur) was formed and the professors at Talbot who were really the "right on" left and joined the staff at Master's. Without a doubt I would not recommend Talbot, but would give the highest rating for all the questions you asked for the Master's Seminary--it's simply the best seminary available today.

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