I recently finished chatting with a non-believer on the Internet.  He was very intelligent and grew up in the Baptist church, and even graduated from a Bible college. Yet, he does not have any relationship with the Lord or Bible. Although he knows a lot about it all.  I tried to the best of my ability to reach him, but it didn't work.  If anyone can help I would appreciate it.


A person is saved by the Holy Spirit through the message of Christ.  So even though you saw no response, be encouraged that the very truth you shared could be used to bring the person to Christ later.  The Biblical doctrine of Election, clearly proves that God is not asking permission to save anyone. God has chosen, before the world began, who would follow Him.  They will come in His timing.  If this man is "elect" then God will use your witness to call him to salvation, eventually.  However, if this person is non-elect (not chosen by God), then he will continue with his "freewill" rejection of the truth and eventually burn in hell for it.  If he is one of the "chosen ones" then at some point God will use His word and providence to cause this man to see and exercise the irresistible gift of faith.

P.S. Here is a couple of excellent sermons on the Doctrine of Election, which will give you some more insight.

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