I would be interested in ordering some of Spurgeon's sermons that you have on tape and CD - who is the preacher, pastor or layperson who preached them?


Thank you for your interest in Spurgeon's sermons. I preach the updated sermons. I take the original manuscripts, update the English, to make it more understandable, but only where it needs updating. I do not change the author's meaning nor intent. I then "preach" the sermon in a style that I suspect the original author did it in. I don't just read the sermons, but yet I try not to be too dramatic. I try to put the emphasis where it seems naturally to be needed. The recorded sermons are then digitally edited for extraneous noises, and then recorded from the computer to CDs. I also use a CD master to record copies onto cassette tape, always assuring an exact and clear copy of the original recording.

My background: I grew up in Columbus, Ohio, raised a Roman Catholic. Graduated from Ohio State University in 1967. I joined the Air Force right after college, and became a KC-135 and KC-10 pilot. In 1978 I became a Christian at a Baptist Church in Kokomo, Indiana. Entered Seminary (Talbot Seminary) in 1979, graduated in 1983 with a Master of Divinity degree in Bible Exposition. I was married in 1981, and my wife Kathy and I now have six children (10-17). I started a BBS in 1986 (Bible Bulletin Board) which became a website in 1996. I started the Gospel Gems website in 1997. I retired from the Air Force in March of 1999, and now am a Manager for Boeing Aerospace in New Jersey, and desiring that someday I may pastor a Church..

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