In Genesis 1:8 God created an expanse called sky to separate the water under the expanse from the water above the expanse.  In Psalm 148:4 it says "Praise him, you highest heavens and you waters above the skies" (NIV).  My question is, what is this "water above the skies"?


In Genesis 1:8 when God divided the water into two places "above the sky and below the sky" it is commonly taken to be that the "waters below the sky" were subterranean at that time and were used to water the earth by simply flowing up from the earth.  The "water above the sky" was believed to be a canopy of water vapor surrounding the earth, acting like a hothouse,
providing uniform temperatures, blocking out ultraviolet rays and thus extending life.

Now the Psalmist in 148:4 could be speaking of some of that water above the skies in Genesis 1:8.  It may be that God still has some water above the skies.  He does not appear to be talking about the clouds (which are really suspended water) because he mentions them separately in 148:8.

We do know from Scripture, that right now, above the second heaven (outer space) there is water!  In fact there is a lot of water, in the form of the "River of the Water of Life" (Rev 22:1) which is currently flowing in the New Jerusalem (the Father's House) which is approximately 1400 miles x 1400 miles x 1400 miles in size.

The point is that all water, be it on earth or in the New Jerusalem is to give praise to God!

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