I am deeply searching for scriptures in regards to "Fornication" from all versions, NKJV, NLT, KJV, etc.  Was this topic "Fornication" inadvertently left out?  I believe this is an area that truly needs to be addressed and made accessible to everyone.  I searched Pastor MacArthur's collections of sermons and I could not find any sermons which addressed the subject of "Fornication" in regards to singles.  I'm interested in hearing any feedback you may have on my concerns.  I am a Christian and I want to live my life accordingly to the Scriptures.


Thank you for writing to BBB with your question.

The term translated "fornication" in the King James Bible basically comes from two words in the original: In the Old Testament it is the Hebrew word "zanah" which means to commit adultery.  In the Greek language of the New Testament "fornication" comes from the Greek word "porneia" which means harlotry (including adultery and incest).

Thus in the newer translations, you will find the more familiar English words used such as "adultery, sexual immorality, unfaithfulness, etc."  The actual word "fornication" is not as familiar in our English, but the meaning of the words "zanah" and "porneia" are faithfully translated.

By coincidence, John MacArthur does have an excellent sermon out, which I have recently posted called "A Plea for Purity" and it discusses "fornication".  You can read or download the sermon by clicking here:

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