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The following Questions were taken from the many questions that have been sent over the years to Tony Capoccia at Bible Bulletin Board. 

NOTE: All names have been removed, and all indications as to locations, situations and scenarios are removed
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Abortion I know a mother and father who believes their son has gotten a girl pregnant out of wedlock, and thus considers the baby under a curse and thus should be aborted, and says it is biblical to have the abortion.  I believe that the how the baby was conceive was a sin, but the baby itself is a blessing from God.  Please help me.
Adultery [01]

When a "believer" divorces and remarries unbiblically (knowing that this is a sin in God's eyes), is that person now living in adultery?

Adultery [02]

A Christian friend of mine's husband began seeing someone else.  She is not sure that he has actually committed the physical act of adultery, but it doesn't matter to her, since she believes that just having the "adultery in his heart" was grounds for a Biblical divorce.  What do you think? Her husband now wants to get a divorce too.

Adultery [03]

What if a man is a Christian, is married to a Christian, and then the man commits adultery with another Christian, he then divorces his wife and marries the person he committed adultery with. Would this be an unforgivable sin?  Also, would you consider this person a Christian?

Adultery [04]

What does Scripture say about a pastor caught in adultery? Can that man ever go back into the ministry? Our church just discovered that our pastor has been having an affair for the last 3 months. What do you think should be the appropriate action by the deacons, the church etc.?

Age Who was the oldest person in the Bible and how old was he when he died?
Alcoholics Anonymous

Are groups like AA and ALANON, O.K. for Christians to participate in?

Angels [01]

We discussed in Sunday School this morning about the devil and the angels that went along with him and rebelled against God.  It appears that they had been created by God with the ability to obey or to disobey God, just like we have been.  My question is, regarding the angels that are now in heaven, is it possible for them to disobey God, or in other words, is it now possible to have additional "fallen" angels?

Angels [02]

Are angels masculine in their nature, they have masculine names such as Gabriel and Michael. Also why does the Bible quote God as "He"? Can you answer these questions?


Do dogs go to heaven?  My lab of eleven years recently passed away from cancer and this is important to me.  Is there not a passage about how God created the dog to be a companion to man?

Authorities [01]

In reference to Romans 13:1, ("Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.")  I feel perfectly willing to obey God and submit to the authorities, as much as it is within my power to do so.  But I can easily see how torn and confused I would be if I were living back in the 60's right now.  How does one justify the civil rights movement and the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, in light of this passage.  Was it all wrong? 

Authorities [02] Was the decision right to have judge Moore expelled from the bench for failing to remove the Ten Commandments? On one hand it seems that we live in a Godless society and no one wants to hear about God, or to see a reminder about the God of the heavens.   Or was the judge over stepping his rights as a judge, to in a silent way infringe on our rights of freedom? What do you think will be repercussion of this panels decision?   
AWANA [01]

What do you think of the AWANA Clubs?

AWANA [02] In response to our AWANA Q&A (above), "What do you think of AWANA Clubs?" A concerned mother replied, "I just read your bit about AWANA..."
Babies [01]

Do you believe babies go to Hell if they die?

Babies [02]

If a baby dies before the age of understanding, where does his/her spirit go? Also, does infant baptism do anything for the baby?

Baptism [01]

Some people teach that you must be Baptized in order to be saved, that unless you have actually been baptized with water then you are still lost and condemned to hell.  What would you say to them?

Baptism [02]

Given that I have obviously identified myself with Christ for the last several years without water baptism (aside from Baptism as an infant in the Roman Catholic Church), is it something that I should pursue?

Baptism [03]

I was in a discussion with someone who is a member of the Church of Christ, and we were discussing the Thief on the Cross. He said that the thief was under the law and didn't need to be baptized, for after Jesus was crucified was when he paid for our sin debt, and baptism became necessary for salvation.  Could you comment on that please?

Baptism [04]

A friend of mine and I have been discussing the issue of baptism and even after reading your description of the "purpose" of baptism, I was still a little confused. We are both really struggling with this question, "Do you have to be baptized to get to heaven?" If you could please answer this question to the best of your ability, that would be great! We have searched in the Bible for the answer, and we can argue the question both ways. Please, give us some insight on this issue.

Baptism [05]

I have a friend who claims that salvation is a "three-part" process, with each step dependent on the other: First, Repentance, then Confession, and lastly Baptism.  How should I answer her?

Baptism [06] You mention in your blurb about baptism that the thief on the cross received salvation, and yet he was not baptized. How do you know from the Bible that he was not baptized?
Baptism [07]

When the Gospel is shared with a person and then the person declares that they are a sinner in need of a Savior, know they can't do anything about it, believe what the Bible says about Jesus, and repent, what is next? What do we say to them?


Please help me with the verse, John 8:31, "Then Jesus said to the Jews who believed in him, 'If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.' "  Then in verse 37, He tells them they are trying to kill him because there is no place in them for His word.  Is this a new group He is speaking to?  See my confusion?

Beth Moore [01] Could you give me some thoughts on the author Beth Moore and her Bible studies. Do you have any background on her or the biblical content of her studies?
Beth Moore [02] You recently sent out comments from a believer concerning the Beth Moore study Believing God. Well doesn't Romans 10:9 say that we are to confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord to be saved? I'm not sure what your concern is with Beth's comments that a person must confess with their mouths "Jesus is Lord." Can you clarify?
Beth Moore [02A]
You recently sent out comments from a believer concerning the Beth Moore study Believing God. Well doesn't Romans 10:9 say that we are to confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord to be saved? I'm not sure what your concern is with Beth's comments that a person must confess with their mouths "Jesus is Lord." Can you clarify?
Note: a user's reply to "Beth Moore [02]" above....
Beth Moore [03] What if the men attend a Bible study led by a woman for women, because they want to know what it is that their wives are being taught? They aren't there to learn but to discern? 
Bible [01]

How do you justify using the New International Version (NIV) Bible for your updated sermons of one of the greatest preachers that ever lived: J. C. Ryle?  Do not quote or rewrite others if you cannot allow them the privilege to repeat what they said in the first place.  J. C. Ryle went to his grave defending the truth. Let his writings stand for themselves, for we have no liberty to change what these great men of faith have said!

Bible [02]

How could you say that, " Paul said" all that he wrote in the book of Romans?  God is the author of the whole Bible! God just had many different writers. They wrote and said just what God wanted them to say!

Bible [03]

I recently viewed your website and found a letter from John MacArthur and the elders at Grace Community Church regarding the KJV debate.  In this letter MacArthur seems to be decrying the NKJV as a failed attempt to translate from the Textus Receptus saying that commercial considerations made it into an update.  He also stated that he used the Scofield translation.  Having just spent good money on a leather version of the NKJV MacArthur Study Bible, I feel somewhat confused.  If it is not a great translation, why give his name to it?  Why does he not use it himself? The promotional material that Grace put out describes it as a good version. Could you please help with my problem?

Bible [04]

Why do you use the NIV Bible?  Did you know that on the committee of the NIV there was a lesbian?  Did you know that the NIV takes the blood out of a lot of Scriptures? Did you know the NIV describes Mary the mother of Jesus as a young woman, and not saying that she was a virgin? 

Bible [05]

How do we know that 66 books the Bible is all of the inspired books that God intended us to have?  And how do we know that all of them are inspired? I understand that Martin Luther wanted to remove books like James and Revelation, why were they not inspired? The Catholics have seven books that are not in the King James. Why do they think that they are inspired?  The  Ethiopian church had a 46 book OT. If the Rabbis at Jammia (sp?) chose the Palestinian cannon, how could they be right, they rejected Christ? The Catholic church did the same with the NT when they wrote the Vulgate, or maybe it was some church council. That can't be right either. That would make Bible believing Christians bound to the choices of books decided on by the Catholic Church. Help?

Bible [06]

What is the basic theme of Scripture? It has been my understanding and belief that the Bible's theme is The Glory of God - a pure doxological theme - of which Salvation is the #1 "program" others being God's program for Israel, His program for angels, etc.  I think the Amillennial and Covenant guys see a pure Soteriological theme only and am wondering how you, then, view Scripture?

Bible [07]

Would you happen to have verifiable proof regarding the committee of Lesbians that were working on the NIV?

Bible [08] Why is it that people such as John Macarthur, and others, love to take those passages that are in Ezekiel, and Jeremiah and Isaiah out of context? The one in Ezekiel is talking about King of Tyre, yet everyone loves to put that passage in a wrong place, making it talk of Satan, which is taken out of context. I don't understand.
Bible [09] What does the curse mean in Revelation 22:19 for those who add to or take away from the Bible?
Bible [10] Do you have a critique available on the Bible they call "The Message"?
Bible [11] The verses in Mark 16:9-20 have a note with them stating that "The earliest manuscripts and some ancient witnesses do not have Mark 16:9-20."  With that said, then how should we handle those verses?
Bill Gothard Where do you stand in regards to the teachings of Bill Gothard. How can I deal with someone caught up in him?
Billy Graham [01] I have heard that Billy Graham has stated something to the effect, that a person did not have to believe or even know the name of Jesus Christ to be saved, for if all they had available to them was the Muslim religion or Hinduism, or Buddhism and believed with all their heart that it was true, then God would save them without their knowing anything about Christ--not even His name.  Is this true?
Billy Graham [02] I read your Q&A on Billy Graham. His statements to Robert Schuller on television in 1997 were very disturbing to me, as they should have been to any genuine believer. I went to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website and sent in a question, in the "contact us" section. I included the exact quotes, from your website, regarding Christ calling people out of the Muslim and Buddhist worlds and people going to Heaven who have never even heard the name Jesus. I asked them to either stand behind or disavow the comments that were made to Schuller in 1997. Below is the response I received. I ask you to please write me back with an explanation, as the comments I received from the BGEA seem to contradict the info on concerning Billy Graham on your website.
Binding Satan Does a Christian have the authority to say to Satan, "In Jesus' Name I bind you and cast you out"? Also, how do you explain where Jesus says that we will cast out demons? Was that meant for all Christians or just His disciples? What is Spiritual Warfare and how is it accomplished? Who does the fighting--us or God or God through us--through the authority He gave us?
Birth Control [01]

I am newly married and so have come across the issue of contraception (prophylactics, birth control pills, natural family planning, abstinence, etc.).  Is contraception at all Biblical? 

Birth Control [02] Is there any danger of a Christian couple aborting a child without knowing it by taking Birth Control Pills?
Book of Life I am in a Bible study on Revelation. We are nearing the end and the question came up---"Are you placed in the Book of Life at birth or when you accept Christ?"

In Judges 19:16 and following, an "old man" invited an unnamed Levite and his concubine to rest at his house for the night.  Why was this Levite important enough for the "old man" to be willing to sacrifice his virgin daughter and the Levite's concubine to the lusting crowd at his door. Was this man important because he came from the priestly tribe of Levites?

Capital Punishment

Could you please tell me where the Bible stands on Capital Punishment?


Can a career in the "arts" make for a godly career and life-style?  

Catholics [01] In one of the answers you gave, you said that Catholics are condemned to hell. I thought that Catholics believed that Christ was their Lord and Savior, or am I confused?  I am not Catholic but much of my family is, are they saved?
Catholics [02] No one who has carefully examined the events of and surrounding Fatima could possibly share your opinion of the Blessed Mother.
Catholics [03] I have seen the movie "Stigmata" and I was wondering if this movie has any connection with reality at all?  Specifically, a "stigmatic" supposedly has wounds appear on their body resembling Christ's wounds from the crucifixion.  Has this ever happened, if so, what is the cause?
Catholics [04] Can somebody belong to the Roman Catholic Church and be saved?
Catholics [05] Do you have any article on mixed marriages, such as a Protestant marrying a Catholic?
Catholics [06] I recall a phrase in the Bible that I think says; "Call no man father," am I mistaken or is this accurate? If it is please explain why priests in the Catholic faith are called "Father." Is this a contradiction?
Catholics [07] I married a Catholic man. I guess when we got married I was (and still am the unbeliever) and he is the believer.  He has since become very abusive: physically, verbally and mentally. Do you think he is really a believer?
Catholics [08] My brother had a guy give him a Roman Catholic booklet entitled: Pillar of fire--Pillar of truth. They talked for about three hours that day and though my brother is not in danger of becoming RC--we grew up in that church and have both left it, he asked me if I could look it over and help him with responses to it for the next time he saw this man. I'm wondering if you all have heard of this pamphlet, if so, do you have or know of a booklet that addresses and refutes it's claims?
Catholics [09] I am trying to give my parents something showing them that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) teaching on "Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus" is false and they should not pray to that. I looked up "origin" of the Sacred Heart and it just skirted around the issue and said it was biblical which we know is false. Do you have anything concrete that I can send them?
Pentecostals [01]
Can you give me any information regarding the Airport church in Toronto, I believe they might have some connection to the vineyard church, or something connected to the so called Toronto blessing. There has been a request by one of our leaders to invite a guest speaker from their church to address our ladies group. My instincts tell me this is not a good idea. Can you shed some light on my concerns?
Pentecostals [02]
I understand that there cannot be any revelations outside the Bible--all revelations are over.  But how can we say that gifts are not in operation now?  Is there any clear text stating that there will not be gifts in days to come?  "In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh: and they shall prophesy."--Isn't this promise still applicable?
Pentecostals [03]

Here's an unsolicited personal testimony of a child raised in the Pentecostal church.


What about the program "Growing Kids God's Way"?

Christmas [01] I was a little bit confused after reading the article by Spurgeon in the Power for Living.  I had always thought that Spurgeon was preaching and teaching against the celebration of Christmas.  In fact, the Puritans and the Reformers teach this.  Could you help clear this up for me?  
Christmas [02] I just got done reading the article on your website about Christmas Traditions. How come the church does not stand up and say that they will no longer participate with the world in the celebration of Christmas? I found on another site (that I just happened to come across while looking for the origins of Christmas) an urgent message for Christians to not participate in the worship or tradition of Christmas. Can you please offer your views on this, and if you disagree, then why post an article like this?
Christmas [03] I am trying to come up with how the date of Dec 25 is celebrated as our LORD's birthday.  I have studied the scriptures and if I only knew when Zechariah's 8th course of duty in the Temple was I would be able to come pretty close to the actual birth date of our Savior and LORD.  If someone could help, I would appreciate it.
Chronicles of Narnia Do you have any perspectives to share regarding the movie based on Chronicles of Narnia?  I am particularly interested in knowing if children should see this movie? 
Church [01] I need some advice as to what the priorities would be if I am convinced that God calls me to start a fresh ministry?  In fact, we are at this stage two families that share the same conviction. We are not currently part of an established Fellowship and for the past eight months we pondered and prayed through the entire venture.
Church [02] Do you ever worry when you see a person get caught up in a KJV-only church? There are usually other things that go with that mentality (women in dresses, ties if you teach SS, no swimming, etc.).
Church [03] Should churches charge its members for various church events?
Church [04] We currently have an unbeliever who plays musical instrument for us every Sunday at our worship service. He attends our Sunday School, but hasn't made a public proclamation of faith in Christ. Are we violating the Lord's holiness by having an unbeliever as a participating musician in our Worship Team?
Church [05] A long-time elder of a local church, about 1,000 members, when asked, how many members of the church had a passion for Jesus, a good knowledge of the Bible and sound doctrinal foundations, said maybe 30 or 40 of the membership. Someone else from that church said the number was high.  That's not percent but total. What do you think?
Church [06] I would like to ask you for your opinion on something that is new to me that I am hearing about in some local churches. It is referred to as "worship dance."  I am not sure exactly what is involved.  But it seems there is some type of dance performed with the understanding that this is another way of expressing worship to God.  Are you or any of your associates familiar with this?  Do you think this could line up with (or be in conflict with) the scriptures in any way?
Church Discipline Our pastor and elders shy away from church discipline. The reply I get is that the church is for sinners and the wheat will grow with the tares.  
Confession Please tell me the truth in your heart about this verse 1 John 1:9.  

1. Is James talking to agnostics, believers or non-believers? 
. I know that that all my sins are forgiven. True?
3. If I commit a sin, then I don't have to ask forgiveness and all I have to do is confess and agree with God? Right?

Copyrights? What about files on this site that have "Copyright" or "All Rights Reserved" statements?
Creation [01] I am really interested in what the Bible has to say about the six days of creation, or thousands of years. I agree it's six days, and I would much appreciate it if I could have some information on why it's one day each, rather than thousands of years?
Creation [02]

We have a serious debate in our Bible study at the moment. I am using a lot of material from John MacArthur, as well as other accepted Bible teachers. Also, I don't need convincing as I believe what the Bible tells me, but I have some "scientists" in the group, which oppose most theories offered regarding a pure six 24-hour days creation. 

Creation [03]

God has lived for eternity, right? If this is so, why has He, at this point in time, decided to create man and bring him to Christ. I mean why does He need to do this. If He has lived for eternity, surely all of this would have been thought of and dealt with eons ago. Surely God doesn't need man and if man wasn't created none of what is happening on earth today would need to happen.


Do you have an opinion, or is there a common school of thought, in regards to cremation and the Christian. 

Crucifixion Where was Jesus' soul/spirit between his death and resurrection?
Dating [01]

Do you know of any Bible verses pertaining to Christians dating non-Christians?

Dating [02] There has been a guy in my church who has shown interest in me but has never said anything to me but his ways can show, the way he looks at me, not bad but that "one look" as if he's stealing me, then I heard from my sister that he is actually interested in me and one of the things that I don't want is to get to this courtship thing or dating, I strongly believe in my heart that if God wants that to happen it will happen without me having to study the person in order to see if he is the right person for me.  Please advise me what I should do.
Dating [03] Is the dating of non-believers by Christians a matter that should be brought through the steps of church discipline in Matthew 18 (i.e. up to excommunication)?

I am trying to discover why Jesus identifies himself with the king David and why the Bible elevates the kingdom of David to such a high model and pattern for the people and purposes of God. I thought that if David was that model and was a man after God's heart he would have some strong parameters to sustain the Christian faith as it relates to the kingdom of God. When I found out that he had many women I felt that he was shallow and poor spiritually and morally.  So, the purpose of God in using David and calling him a man after His own heart lost value for me.


The church where I currently attend does not have the office of deacon, nor does it have any plans to establish such an office.  I asked some of the leadership about this and they seemed really passionate about not having the office of deacon.  They said that we all are deacons, servants of God, and we all fulfill that office.  Is this right?


There seems to be a difference of views on whether Scripture (1st Tim 3) allows women to be deaconesses.  I believe MacArthur supports the interpretation that qualified women are allowed to be part of the deaconate. Alistar Begg, Charles Ryrie, and others support the interpretation that Paul is describing deacon wives, not deaconesses, and that only men can be deacons.

Death [01]
When the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, did he kill all the babies and the little children too?
Death [02] In Numbers 31:18-19, it says, "Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man."  Was it really the Lord's will for the Israelites to "kill all the boys" and for them to keep "girls who had not slept with a man" for themselves?  (Added: follow up questions).
Death [03] What are your thoughts on people having near death experiences? It hasn't happened to me but when I read of others experiences I get a check in my spirit. Because the person who has had one is so sure it happened and Christians believe they saw Jesus, went to heaven, and were sent back with more work to do. How can we test that this is true? I don't want to judge another's experience, yet I somehow find it all so hard to believe. Can you help clarify, thanks! 
Death [04] Last night on the Discovery Channel they told of people who make phone calls from the dead, if they had a cell phone placed in their coffin when they were buried.  Is this true?
Demonic Possession

I have a question about a person who seems to be suffering from some sort of demonic possession. Do you think it is possible that the iniquity of the parents can be part of the reason why they are being tormented?


Does the Bible mention dinosaurs anywhere? Did God create them?

Discipleship I'm confused by the different explanations people have for "a disciple" and "a Christian."  Some say that a "disciple" must be a "Christian," but that a "Christian" need not be a "disciple." In short, more is expected of a "disciple" than of a "Christian."  Please help.
Dispensationalism [01]

What is your position on Dispensational theology? Has John MacArthur written on this topic? 

Dispensationalism [02]

I find myself confused over Covenant vs. Dispensational Theology.  Can you explain the differences, each one's implications and shortcomings, or if it really matters at all?  

Divorce [01]

Are there other grounds for divorce in the Scriptures, besides adultery and the departure of an unsaved spouse? I know of a woman whose husband abused her, really mentally, until she was a skeleton and a manic depressive.  I can't believe that dying a martyr because you stayed with a person who abused you is what Jesus would have told her to do. 

Divorce [02]

I have a Christian friend who has been married four times, but she still considers herself married to her first husband, who has since remarried.  She is also considering divorcing the man she is married to now.  Would you say she was a Christian?

Divorce [03] My husband, who claims to be a Christian, shows little or no sexual self-control in our marriage.  He doesn't seem to care how I feel (emotionally or physically), he just does what he wants, whenever he feels like it, be it masturbation or the raping of his wife.  In addition, he seems to have a problem with pornography for the past five years. I have been counseled by quite a few Christian marriage counselors in the past few weeks, and have been told that this obsession with pornography and the lack of sexual self-control is considered " sexual immorality," which is a Biblical reason for divorce. Is this true?  I want a divorce, but only if it can be Biblical.
Divorce [04] I am under conviction that I am living wrongly (in sin) because my husband of 10 years was divorced when we married.  This did not concern me when we married but now that I am a Christian it concerns me greatly.  I don' t know what to do about the situation.
Divorce [05] If a Christian husband divorces his wife for non-biblical reasons and remarries another woman, will he have to divorce this new woman to restore fellowship with Christ, as in Ezra 9:15?
Divorce [06] As a Christian husband I met another woman and we committed adultery.  I divorced my wife and married the other woman. My former wife has remarried, and I am still in my second marriage. I have returned to the church and have been seeking advice on the Internet regards to divorce and remarriage. So far, I have only come across those stressing no divorce, no remarriage, even if repentant, and I find it difficult. I have confessed my terrible sin, and hope to make a go of it as a Christian, but at the same time I want to be right with God. Must I leave my current wife and cause more havoc to be right with God?
Divorce [07] The scripture says that I am no longer morally bound to my unsaved husband if he leaves me (1 Corinthians 7:15). When my husband gets mad he leaves me. For the past 10+ years he has left me every few months and comes back whenever he pleases. This makes it hard on me. I don't want to go through this again. So, what does it mean by "not being in peace?" I want to move on without feeling guilty for not waiting for him.
Divorce [08] My husband has been married a number of times before and has been in and out the church for a number of years.  I asked him to move out because he wasn't contributing his part as being a husband. I was paying all the bills and he was doing whatever he wanted to do with his money. My husband has truly not been honest with me and he has just been very mean to me. Lately he told me that he stop loving me alone time ago. He has a sex addiction problem and that is another part of our marriage. I never caught him cheating or never saw that he's ever been unfaithful. He has never physically abuse me but he is controlling in some areas. I am praying for his salvation and for God to mend our marriage but would I be out of God's will for not allowing him to come back until God says so, because there will be confusion in the house and I know that God is a God of peace. I love my husband with all my soul and I want him to come home but only when he's right with God. Is that wrong of me?
Drama and Dancing I would like to ask you for your opinion on something that is new to me that I am hearing about in some local churches. It is referred to as "worship dance."  I am not sure exactly what is involved.  But it seems there is some type of dance performed with the understanding that this is another way of expressing worship to God.  Are you or any of your associates familiar with this?  Do you think this could line up with (or be in conflict with) the scriptures in any way?
Dreams Does the Lord still use dreams today?  What do our dreams mean today?  Is there a way to analyze our dreams to gain spiritual growth?  Are we vulnerable to spiritual attack in our sleep?
Election [01]

In your statement "Elected and Created for the Glory of Jesus Christ" What do you mean by "elected?"

Election [02]

It seems to me that if we have no choice at all in the matter of accepting a Sovereign God's intentions, desire or plan for us, then how can God have a relationship with someone who never willingly made his or her own choice?   This baffles me.

Election [03]

In regard to two Christians debating the issue of Election in regards to salvation, I find it hard to believe that great men of God, who come to honest different conclusions, didn't do their homework, or wrestle greatly with these issues.  Could you explain your feelings on this?

Election [04] Recently you made a statement in an answer to a question. At the end of your answer you wrote a very "strange" thing I would like you to clarify to me if possible. You wrote: "God has never asked any one if He could save them (they would have said no), rather He just chose the ones He wanted."

I thought about what you said, and it sounded like human beings are like automatic robots programmed to sin and if God awakens some out of "caprice" they are saved. If God has power to love and save some machines, why would he let the rest of them go to eternal damnation instead of awakening and saving them too?
Election [05] Why does God elect some to salvation and not elect others?
Election [06] Why does God elect so few and not see fit to elect the vast majority of mankind?
Election [07]

Will the non-elect, those not chosen to be elect be able to cry out on judgment day, 'God, You have not been fair to us!'

Election [08] I was somewhat confused by the answer you gave to the person who asked you the question about fallen angels. You go on to state that God literally "elected" who was going to be saved and who was not, including the angels. What kind of God would he be if he actually chose for us? With that being said, were does free will come in? Or what would be the profit for us to have been given†free will.†
Election [09] If I pray that God intervene and save my friends and family, and He doesn't, then couldn't I put the blame on Him?
Election [10] Did Jesus die for all the sins of the whole world or only for the sins of the elect?
Election [11] God shows no partiality, yet He has elected some, and not others?
Emmaus Road Retreats
Are you familiar with the "Emmaus Road Retreats"?  Is this something for a believer to go to?
End of the World

I am 13 and I don't know when the world will end.  Will you please tell me when you think the world will end?

Eternal Security [01]

I sent a portion of one of John MacArthur's messages to a friend. The issue is the security of salvation.  I have always defended the "once saved, always saved" view, but my friend is insistent that it is wrong.  My friend is one of the ministers of my church.  I do attend a well-balanced healthy church, but I disagree with their teaching on this one.  They don't preach on it but hold the view just the same.  What are your thoughts on the subject?

Eternal Security [02] Do we know if we will still be saved tomorrow, next week, next year? Or do we only know we are saved at this moment? I mean we all can stray and no one knows the future and how we will respond to situations. So we can't really be sure if we are the elect, for we can't see into the future.  

I received this statement from a good friend of mine concerning "evil"... "Evil is not a thing or force, but merely the absence or concealment of good. One need not "defeat" the evil in the world; one need only bring to light its inherent goodness."


What is faith, how does faith work?  Where does faith come from?  Why is faith so important?  Can unbelievers have faith? How does faith grow? 


I was wondering if you can help me find in scripture. Why is it that the youngest is always serving the oldest?


Do you think that the Apostle Paul was actually the worst sinner of past, present and future history?


I am deeply searching for scriptures in regards to "Fornication" from all versions, NKJV, NLT, KJV, etc.  Was this topic "Fornication" inadvertently left out?  I believe this is an area that truly needs to be addressed and made accessible to everyone.  I searched Pastor MacArthur's collections of sermons and I could not find any sermons which addressed the subject of "Fornication" in regards to singles.  I'm interested in hearing any feedback you may have on my concerns.  I am a Christian and I want to live my life accordingly to the Scriptures.

Freewill [01]

What is John MacArthur's view about the freewill of man to accept God or not?

Freewill [02]

Now, when you say that "...all your works and efforts mean nothing, you are nothing but a wicked sinner before God, and by his grace He will give you the free gift if you will bow down to Jesus, repent of your sins, believe in who He claimed to be, and submit to His commands, or Lordship," are you suggesting that there is something we must do: bow down, repent, believe, submit...?  This sounds like more than God picking and choosing.  This sounds like freewill.  This sound like they offer something to God even if they are powerless to save themselves.  It sounds like interaction to me.  Can you please explain this?

God's Will

I am facing some problems with my boyfriend, and we are both trying to understand God's will on the direction we are to go, whether we should marry or not? Can you help me to find God's will in the matter of finding a life partner?

Gospel [01]

When witnessing to one of a different faith, I would not start out by attacking his faith but get to know him first and become friends if time permitted.  Gradually I would get to know him and his faith and then by example and the Word reveal the truth to him.  I have found no one who listens by beating them over the head with the truth if love is not present.  Would you agree?

Gospel [02]

In your statement, "...all your works and efforts mean nothing, you are nothing but a wicked sinner before God, and by his grace He will give you the free gift if you will bow down to Jesus, repent of your sins, believe in who He claimed to be, and submit to His commands, or Lordship." Are you suggesting that there is something we must do: bow down, repent, believe, submit...?  This sounds like more than God picking and choosing. This sounds like freewill.  This sound like they offer something to God even if they are powerless to save themselves.  It sounds like interaction to me.  Can you please explain?

Gospel [03]

What about the Native Americans prior to Columbus and people who died having never heard the Gospel?  Are they instantly doomed, even though they never had the chance to believe? 

Gospel [04] I know you have heard that the Discovery Channel is ready to publish The Gospel of Judas. So, what do you say?
Hardships How can I deal with hardships in life? My wife is not that strong enough to do all the household chores, for example, the washing of clothes and the ironing because she has a history of heart problems. She was diagnosed then to have an MVP ( Mitral Valve Prolapse - a heart ailment ).  Do we have verses in the Bible which could encourage me to accept these things?
Healings [01] In a previous email you said that Satan had the power to afflict, therefore he could "fake" a healing by simply removing the affliction.  I didn't know that Satan ever did anything good. I thought all he wanted to do was to destroy. Why does it bother you to think that God would use someone to pray for him? 
Healings [02] When Jesus did a miracle of healing, why did he tell them not to tell anyone?
Holy Spirit [01]

Someone remarked to me once that at the Rapture, the Holy Spirit would be taken out of the world along with the Church. How could there be any new believers or anyone ministering, edifying and equipping without the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives during the Tribulation Period? I assumed that God was everywhere all the time--unchangeable.

Holy Spirit [02] In Mark 13:32, it says, "Of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." My question, Why did Jesus not say the Holy Spirit would know or not know?  I have heard it explained that Jesus emptied Himself (Kenosis passage in Philippians) and that is why He did not know in His human body.  But I don't understand why the Holy Spirit would not know?
Holy Spirit [03] My girlfriend is a Charismatic. She tells me all the time I need the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, a second blessing if you will. I believe that I was Baptized in to the body and received the Holy Spirit at the same time. She feels I am not allowing the Spirit to have full power in me or since she believes I have not had the Baptism, there is no way possible for me to serve Him or have any power against darkness. Can you help me out?
Holy Spirit [04] I was told by my church that we need to be "praying to the Holy Spirit." I know that the Holy Spirit's job is to seal, teach, comfort, guide and intercede on the believers behalf when we do not know how or what to pray, but I have never been led to understand that we pray to Him.  Can you help me?
Holy Spirit [05] When the Holy Spirit is removed from the earth, how will those left here on earth be given the Spirit? I understand that when the church is removed from the earth, so will the Holy Spirit.
Homosexuality [01]

I have a friend who was sexually abused by her father for 16 years and she says that's why she went into the lesbian lifestyle for the next 17 years.  What are your thoughts on this?

Homosexuality [02] I just found out that my daughter is a Lesbian--what do I do?  I am totally shocked and confused.
Homosexuality [03]
I am a homosexual young woman that has a close relationship to God. I love Him and will never deny His name as long I live. I understand what the scripture says about Homosexuality and I have done extensive research about WHEN it was written etc. I want to know why Christians are so easy to condemn us? Sin - and I know we need to strive a sinless life - is all the same right? No big or small sin? Why do most people who live together, but are not married get accepted in society, but gays are shut out? I was just wondering if you could shed MORE light on the topic? I know that I never chose to be what I am. I cannot deny it either so I decided to embrace it, but still not fall victim to a premiscuous life. I live a happy committed life with my partner.
Human Body

I wanted to know if there was any reference in the Bible that was against having a pierced tongue?

Ichthus (fish symbol) I have a question for you.  What is the significance of the "Jesus fish" that many people have on their cars?  Is this something that, as a Christian, I should have on my car? Is this an effective witnessing tool?
Idolatry I read your article on Idolatry (by J. C. Ryle) and have a few comments: God gave Moses instructions to place two winged creatures of hammered gold on the lid of the Ark of the Covenant box. If He meant, in the Commandment, that people were not to make images of any thing in Heaven, then wasn't He was the first to break it?

Today if a man has intimate relations with his daughter he is a molester, also if a boy has the same relations with his sister he too is a molester. Yet Adam and Eve were the only two humans on earth by Godís creation.  How did the earth get populated?  Brothers and sisters, even though Adam and Eve continued to have children for several hundred years, they all are still brother and sister.

Israel I am a little bit confused as to the correct stance on Israel versus the Church.  Is God really all done with Israel and has the Church become the new Israel?
Jesus [01] I have a question regarding the nature of Christ as a child. When Jesus was a child did he ever do any wrong? 
Jesus [02] Was the holiness of Christ superseded when He became sin for all? He has all the attributes of the Father, including holiness, and yet He took the sins of the world upon Himself. I know this is complex, because I have Christ in me and yet I sin, so there must be an explanation.
Jesus [03] My question relates to Hebrews 2:18 (and actually the whole of Hebrews 2): "For in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted."  Now certainly, we can understand the idea that because Jesus, as a man, experienced the temptations and sufferings that we as humans do, He was the perfect sacrifice for man's sins. However, my question is this...If Jesus is God...and He IS God...why did He need to experience these temptations and sufferings to have sympathy with us? Certainly, God can understand our temptations and sufferings without having to go through them??
John MacArthur I have found a website that asserts that John MacArthur is a false teacher. How do you respond to the assertions?
Judgment I'm not looking for an argument but it can't be anything less than insane thinking that somehow God and/or the universe and/or humanity are somehow brought back into harmony by torturing even one single human being in the universe.   To call God beautiful and wonderful after knowing he allowed one being to be unmercifully tortured when common sense says simple loving forgiveness would make more sense can be nothing more than insanity.
Judgments A lot of people are saying that God sent the hurricane to destroy New Orleans because of the United States allowing Israel to give the Gaza strip to the Palestinians.
Killing Why did God give the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" and yet He himself ordered His servants to kill and commended them for it? Is this not an obvious contradiction?
Laughter I am looking for anywhere in the Scriptures where Jesus had a sense of humor--did He laugh?
Lord's Supper

Is it necessary to celebrate the Lordís Supper only at night and after feet washing?

Lot In Genesis 19:5-8,  is Lot actually offering his daughters to a mob of rapists?

You have stated that God our Father chose the "elect" to give as a gift to His Son Jesus Christ, to worship and serve Him forever and ever in heaven.  I know God loves His Son, and I well know God loves His people, and I know God is love, and I know Jesus Christ is God.  But God as I've heard, chose us for Himself.. I don't know how to say this ... it just seems self-seeking ... How can I rid this from my heart?


I'm reading in the OT and I was wondering why in Exodus 3:18 the Lord would have Moses say to Pharaoh that they were just going three days into the desert to sacrifice when really He intended to take them away for good. It just seems that God was telling Moses to lie.  Is lying ok sometimes?

Marriage [01]

Is it still a sin to remarry a former spouse as it was in the Old Testament?

Marriage [02] Where did Cain if the only people around were his brothers and his sisters? 
Marriage [03]
Do you think it's a sin against God for a woman to get married but keep her own name?  Also, how submissive should a woman be to her husband?  Should she obey him without asking questions?  What if he tells her to do something she believes is wrong?
Marriage [04] What does the Bible say about interracial marriage? 
Marriage [05] If a man and woman have committed themselves to each other for the purpose of union by marriage and have had sex, does this say that they are married under God, as seems to be the case in Old Testament times? What is the purpose of man's requirement to have a marriage license and ceremony?
Marriage [06] Why is a woman supposed to submit to something that they are destined to supposedly have no say in?  I am referring to the long essay you wrote about how the problem with marriages is women wanting to liberate. Why are we supposed to sit and watch while men control the world, and we keep our mouths, full of yearning opinions, shut?
Marriage [07] I just read an article on unsaved spouses. I am in dire need of Godly counsel. Can you please help? 
Marriage [08] If a Christian woman is married to an unbelieving husband and he wants her to have no part in the church, should she disconnect from the body of Christ or should she not forsake the assembling of believers?
Marriage [09] My unsaved husband does not allow me to fellowship or attend church AT ALL!  I so want to fellowship and attend church regularly, now what?
Marriage [10] Can you help me to understand what a "quarrelsome" wife means in the Bible (Proverbs 21:9)?  My husband claims I am a "quarrelsome wife" and need to submit to his leadership.
Marriage [11] I need your help, for my dad does not treat my mom with respect and I donít know what to do?
Masturbation In a single's Bible study, that my peers and I were doing on fornication, adultery, etc., a question came up that is addressed very little. I ask you about this topic with complete sincerity.  The topic is masturbation. Is it a sin?
Millennium Why has God ordained a 1,000 year Millennial Kingdom? Why have perfect people roaming the earth doing things? 
Miracles One of the Bible passages that I have read lately was the "Feeding of the 5000," which is located in all four gospels. I was reflecting on this and trying to find a meaning that it would have for us in the present day, and I was wondering if you could give me your interpretation?
Ministry [01] What are your thoughts on a preacher that has had a divorce on the grounds of adultery and has married again. His wife had an affair on him.
Ministry [02] I read the answer you gave on restoring a pastor. What if the Pastor's wife was the one caught in adultery? If she gives a public confession and repents can the pastor be restored?
Missions What do you think of ministries that go out into the world or in the community and provides a service for people and then shares the gospel with them?  Is this biblical?
Money [01] I am having trouble understanding the parable given in Luke 16:1-13. I have 4 questions that I would like you to answer?
Money [02] In Ecclesiastes 10:19 it says, "A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes life merry, but money is the answer for everything."  Yet in 1Timothy 6:10, it says, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil."  Someone has challenged me on this saying that the Bible contradicts itself.  Please explain.

Are Christians allowed to watch movies?  Some say that watching films is only an entertainment and is perfectly fine for Christians.  So they watch movies, musicals, and various other media entertainment.  They get angry when we talk against them.  Kindly advise me in this regard.  Please give me a proper answer to give them.

Music [01] What is your thinking on music styles? There seems to be a trend towards more contemporary music in church services in many churches and we wonder why that is happening?
Music [02] Is the power of the tongue stronger than the power of music, for isn't it the words of the songs that bring the person to repentance, and not the music? Can I keep rapping using rhythms that sound like hip hop and still glorify God?
New Life I  have many magazine articles, pictures, posters, books, CD's.. of  Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, and many other bands of this world, does God anywhere in His word, clearly state, that once I am changed, and I no longer listen to this music, and look upon the books and pictures, that I am to rid them completely from my life, that is, throw them away?  I want what God wants.
Noah Why is it Noah cursed Canaan because his father Ham saw him naked?
Outer Darkness Where or what is the outer darkness described in Matthew 25?
Old Testament Saints Our teaching elders (PCA) are teaching that OT saints are inferior to NT saints in that they did not receive the new heart or new spirit promised until after Christ died and went to Hell to preach to the OT saints.  I believe this is a false teaching.
Politics What are your views of Presidential elections? I know there are often several candidates who have histories of sinful behavior and such, and I just want to get some sort of biblical perspective. What are your thoughts?
Pornography What's the best way for a man to avoid sexual temptation, especially pornography on the Internet. Someone emailed me a porno page the other day, then I got three more the next day, and then three more yesterday. These were a temptation to me, but by the grace of God I deleted them.  I am married and yet have been feeling a lot of sexual temptation recently.
Prayer [01] Our pastor states (in regard to prayer) that "without God, we cannot and without us, God will not."  His point is that if we don't pray for a specific situation, God will not act in that situation.  He reports that it has nothing to do with God's sovereignty or omnipotence, it's because He's true to His Word.   Is that Biblical?  If not, what scripture disputes this principle?  Romans 8:26-27 and Isaiah 40:13-14 are somewhat helpful, but I'm not sure they directly address Pastor's point.  Does God require Christian/human prayer before He will intervene?  
Prayer [02] Is the National Day of Prayer an ecumenical event? What is you view on it?
Prayer [03] We have two elders who never attend our Wednesday Night Prayer meetings. They are both very busy men and run their own businesses. They are on the city council and never miss a meeting there. It's a matter of priorities.  What can I do to encourage them?
Prayer [04] Does God hear the prayers of believers for non-believers?
Premarital Sex

If a young Christian has premarital sex, then repents and God forgives this person, do you think that this person should never become a preacher or that there is some ministry that he/she should not enter because of this sin? Provide Scriptural insight please.


Our church has a on-line e-group study and the subject of Purgatory recently came up. As it is, some claim this place exists while I maintain it does not until at least someone can show me proof from scripture. Already some scripture verses have been mentioned but when read does not clearly describe or identify this place "Purgatory" or "Limbo". I do not suggest to say we at church are practicing such belief but just open to studying.  If you have any material on this, please share it with us as this can help our understanding.

Purpose Driven Life [01]

My church is getting ready to start Rick Warren's study on the The Purpose Driven Life. It is a 40-day event with many other churches across the nation. Do you have any information on this book that might prove helpful? I will be one of many that will be leading the study.

Purpose Driven Life [02] If The Purpose Driven Church and The Purpose Driven Life are used together and if the sermons are lively, if the people smile, laugh, and cry and if the preacher has made his ONE point of the day a number of times without a lot of extraneous hot air, the congregation, believers and unchurched will hear the message. The rest is up to God. Throughout The Purpose Driven Life warren makes clear that it is not about me, it is about God. It is not about what I want but rather what God wants. The idea is that the purposes are God's purposes, not ours.
Purpose Driven Life [03] Our church is about to start the [Purpose Driven Church] 40 days of Community Campaign. Do you have any info on this.

Are all religions valid, in that they will bring salvation if the people truly believe what they are taught in those religions?

Remarriage [01] I am concerned about divorced people who remarry, knowing it is against God's will that they do this.  Is this true?
Remarriage [02] I was married, divorced, and married another man, then divorced him, married my first husband for the second time, and then divorced him again.   I still feel that I am still married to my first husband even though we got a legal divorce.  He (my first husband) now wants me back again, but not to marry me again, but only to live together. We both still truly love each other, what should I do?
Remarriage [03] If you could enlighten me some on the "husband of one wife" and "one sin being greater than another" it would certainly be appreciated and I will read the passages for myself and pray for understanding!!!
Remarriage [04] Years ago I found Jesus, was baptized and studied the Word for a while.  I then fell away from the Church. I married and my wife and I were not Christians. Later I divorced her.  Now I have rekindled my faith and am in a dilemma of wanting to marry a Christian woman (if I should ever find her) and not knowing if I am "technically" permitted to remarry. 
Remarriage [05] I was married as an unbeliever and divorced.  Thankfully to the Lord I was confronted with the Word of God and repented of my sins and Jesus came into my life as Lord and Savior. My ex-husband is now remarried.  My question is, I am dating a leader in a church and I would love to marry this man but have this question over my head that because I am divorced--am I allowed biblically to marry this man? I understand that when I became a Christian my sins were forgiven and washed away and that I was a new Creation holy and pure to God, but because this man is a leader in our church and I have previously been married, can I still marry this man?
Remarriage [06]

I have a woman in my congregation who has been dating a divorced man.  They recently came to me and asked me to marry them.  I found out through counseling that he has been married and divorced three times in the past. His first three divorces were for non-Biblical reasons even though he told me that none of his three previous wives were Christians.  I didn't feel that 1 Cor. 7:15 applied in his situation because he knew they were not Christians when he married them.  To divorce them for that reason would be very hypocritical.  He says that he grew up in a Christian home but was not a committed Christian during his first three marriages.  He tells me that over the past few years he has rededicated his life to Christ and has grown and matured as a Christian. Finally my question...can I marry them Biblically or would I be enabling adultery?

Renovarť Have you any info on Renovarť?  It is flooding the Baptist churches and also other areas.  Would love to see some research on it. 
Revelation [01] I understand that God gives "Natural Revelation" of Himself in the universe/world around us (Romans 1:19-20), and if a person responds to it and seeks to know more, then God will give the person "Special Revelation"-- the truth about Jesus Christ.  But my question is, would God give the "Special Revelation" to a non-elect person, and if so why?
Revelation [02] I know this girl who says she has met and talked directly with Jesus, and even walked around with Him and listened to Him as He talked with her, sharing that He is not angry at sin, even the sins of unbelievers.  What should I say to her?
Salvation [01]

My question is in regards to sinning in relation to salvation. Let's say I believe that Jesus is the Son of God,  my Lord and Savior who died on the cross for my sins.  I also believe that there is no amount of good deeds I can do to enter into Heaven without believing in Jesus' saving grace.  What if I live the rest of my life indulging in all of life's pleasure's while I'm ready to be sorry when the time of my death comes. And let's just say death comes unexpectedly.  Would I be saved?

Salvation [02]

I believe what God says about salvation, but there are two verses in the Bible that confuse me.  The Bible in one place says that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, and in another place the Bible says that not everyone that says Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. 

Salvation [03]

I know a very firm Christian but her husband is of the Jewish faith and has no interest in Christianity.  How can she bring her husband to salvation without alienating him?  She so wants him to be saved but he is afraid she's becoming a "fanatic."  How do you feel she should handle this situation?

Salvation [04] Is it possible for an unsaved person to respond to the Holy Spirit since the Bible says they are dead in their sins?
Salvation [05]

I don't want to go to hell. I don't really understand the Bible. All I really know is that if you're a Christian then you go to heaven, and  if you're not then you go to hell. Is there anything in the middle of heaven and hell, where I would go? I don't know that much about the Bible and I don't go to church.

Salvation [06] Can an unregenerate man, a man with a fallen nature, make a decision for Christ with the assistance of the Holy Spirit?
Salvation [07] What happened to the Buddhists in India in 400 B.C.? Jesus Christ had not come yet. The Jews were without a prophet. How could they ever be saved? If they were not saved doesn't it indicate that the message of salvation was not so important or urgent since God didn't even prepare a program for them to be saved? Wouldn't it be unfair for them to be sent to Hell if they didn't have a chance to know God like the Jews usually had?  
Sanctification I know that 'justification' is instantaneous for the new convert. However, some new converts think that 'justification' alone is enough to guarantee them a place in heaven. They are not bothered by the necessity of 'sanctification' in their new lives. Sanctification is a process. It is the 'making every effort' to grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is really tough work to 'make every effort' to grow in grace. I think many new believers fall short on this score. For example, when they continue to be 'of the world' and neglect their daily secret [private] prayers.   

How comprehensive was your experience at Talbot Seminary in terms of preparing you to deal with a diligent exposition of Scripture? Practically speaking, in terms of Christ-honoring usefulness on a scale of 1-10, one being best and ten worst how would you rate the effectiveness of your training in the New Testament? Old Testament? Overall? 


I would be interested in ordering some of Spurgeon's sermons that you have on tape and CD - who is the preacher, pastor or layperson who preached them?


Is it wrong for an interracial couple to have sex?

Sin [01]

In saying that there is no greater or lesser sin, do you mean as far as being saved, that any sin will keep you out of heaven unless you accept Christ as your substitute because (depending how one is raise) isn't it possible that one may think nothing of lying but would never commit adultery or murder or the other way around?  Wouldn't the degree of sin determine the consequence?

Sin [02]

I understand that sin is sin, whether it's a little lie or adultery, and that God forgives all sins when we repent and confess, but are their degrees of sin?

Sin [03] I have a friend who appears to be oppressed or possessed by a demon, and I have also discovered that her mother appears to have had the some problem in her life.  Do you think that the iniquity of the parent it part of the reason she is being tormented?
Sin [04] Whenever I sin, I doubt my salvation, because I believe I equate my salvation with my performance, but I don't know how to get out of this "rut"?
Spirit (Soul)

What is the difference between spirit and soul?

Spiritual Gifts Is Singing Christian music a Spiritual Gift?

Will God forgive us for suicide?  Can we be forgiven for a sin if we ask before we commit the sin?  Do you think we can go to Heaven if we take our own life?

Tattoos [01]

I wanted to know if there was any reference in the Bible that was against having a pierced tongue [or tattoos]?

Tattoos [02] I have had people ask about my tattoos which have actual Scriptures, and it becomes a good starting point on talking about God. It's become more of a hobby like the interest in cars or paintings.

My question is when does a sinful thought become a sinful act? It has been expressed by some friends that sinful thoughts only become an act of sin if it is meditated on more than a fleeting moment, that there is a quantitative aspect.


Some ministers have told me that tithing is still valid for the Church because, "Jesus said, that he 'did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill the law.'" What would you say to respond to this on the issue of tithing and the old testament laws?

Tongues Did Paul speak 10,000 words in tongues according to 1Cor 14:19. What does it mean? 

In Matthew 16:28, Jesus says that some of the people that are standing with him will not die before they see him coming in his kingdom. Has this happened?

Trinity I have always had a problem with the word "Trinity". It's not Biblical for a start. The Bible never mentions the word, not once. So if we keep to the Word of God and use another term what should we use? 
Trust I am reading through the Bible and am currently in 1 Chronicles. I cannot find in my previous reading anything indicating never to take a census, and am wondering what exactly was the sin committed by King David when he called for one. 
Truth [01]  Apparently many believe that they have correctly and rightly divided the Word of God and found "the" truth as it was mean to be understood by God, even if God said it was a mystery.  There is nothing wrong with discussing interpretations and working out what one believes "ought" to be the correct interpretation even when so much is involved in determining what "is" the truth.  I am not so sure everything in the Bible is as crystal clear as some would like to believe.
Truth [02]  How does a person tie together "Truth and Love"?

I was also wondering about life on other planets. To my knowledge this is not discussed in the Bible. Does God say anything about this? Are UFOs real?

Virginity [01]

What is the importance of choosing a virgin for a wife?  From what I've read in the Old Testament, this was of paramount importance. If a man found that his bride was not a virgin, and he "detested her," he could have her put to death.

Virginity [02]

I read your answer on the subject of virginity, and have a few questions for you.

Water [01]

In Genesis 1:8 God created an expanse called sky to separate the water under the expanse from the water above the expanse.  In Psalm 148:4 it says "Praise him, you highest heavens and you waters above the skies" (NIV).  My question is, what is this "water above the skies"?

Water [02]

I read John 3:5 and am wondering what the correct interpretation of the words: "...Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God" is? 

Wesleyan Church Would you happen to know if the doctrine of the Wesleyan church is sound? Do they align themselves with teachings such as yours or John MacArthur's?

My friend came to me, and asked if a glass of wine every now and then was wrong, I gave her some Scriptures from Proverbs.  But some things Paul and others said bother me. Is drinking wine right or wrong? 


According to the Bible what is wisdom and where does it come from?

Witnessing [01]

I recently finished chatting with a non-believer on the Internet.  He was very intelligent and grew up in the Baptist church, and even graduated from a Bible college. Yet, he does not have any relationship with the Lord or Bible. Although he knows a lot about it all.  I tried to the best of my ability to reach him, but it didn't work.  If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

Witnessing [02]

When witnessing to an unbeliever, I would not start out by attacking his faith but get to know him first and become friends if time permitted.  Gradually I would get to know him and his faith and then by example and the Word reveal the truth to him.  I have found no one who listens by beating them over the head with the truth if love is not present.

Witnessing [03] I understand we are to spread the gospel and make disciples. But how much of that is the "church" supposed to do and how much of that should be left to the people of God's church to do?
Women [01]

I have a number of questions for you concerning the role of women in the church?

Women [02]

What do you think about Kay Arthur's Precept Ministries.  I know that men are included in her classes.  Is this Biblical?

Women [03] Could you give me some thoughts on the author Beth Moore and her Bible studies. Do you have any background on her or the biblical content of her studies?
Women [04] When a church picks a search or pulpit committee for a new pastor should they be all men on the committee or both men and women on it? 
Women Preachers [01]

I have a question regarding having women as elders and preachers. Is this Biblical.  Willow Creek Community Church, led by Bill Hybels believes so.

Also see new sermon posted on "Women Preachers" by R. L. Dabney (1820-1898) with updated English.  In addition, this sermon is available on Audio cassette and CD (preached by Tony Capoccia) go to: 

Women Preachers [02] Could you elaborate on the ministry of "women evangelists?"
Worldwide Church
 of God
Would you please give your views on the Worldwide Church of God's (WWCG) claim to orthodoxy, and their "transformation" from a cult to Christianity?

I would like to ask you for your opinion on something that is new to me that I am hearing about in some local church's. It is referred to as "worship dance." I am not sure exactly what is involved?

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